About me

Michael Kallina Ph.D.:

Diplomerad Rolfing Therapist; Medlem of the European Rolfing Association. (2004)

Psychotherapist (HPG), i Tyskland (2004)

Diplomerad Rolfing-Movement Therapist (2007)

Utbildning i Cranial and Viszeral Osteopathi. (2008)

Diplomerad Hara-Awareness Massage Therapist

Diplomerad Family Constellations Therapist.

Medlem i “Germany Family Constella­tions Association”.

Reiki-Master .

Diplomerad i Theosis Spiritual Healing och i Sha­manic Healing.

Hans-Michael Kallina Ph.D

Rolfing practitioner

Rolfing Movement practitioner

Hara Awareness practitioner

NLP practitioner

German state approved Psychotherapist

Energetic Healing and Reiki Master

Year long experience in leading Family constellations.

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