How is Rolfing done?

-The Ten Series-

The hallmark fo Rolfing is a series of ten sessions that base one on each other. Each session takes 90 Minutes. And they will be given in an intervall of one to three weeks between each session. During the session you should wear underwear or a bikini/bathing trouser. To work with the connective, nerve and muscular tissue is the base of each rolfing session. This will be supported by training coordination and perception of the body in space and towards the ground. An important part of each session is the “BodyReading”, an analysis of the whole structure of the body wird. (e. g. we will have a look on the breathin patterns, who deep can the breathing be, where are the restrictions, what prevents the client from walking upright or relx the shoulders?)der was den Klienten hindert ganz aufrecht zu gehen). In each session a new part of the body will be explored and worked with and integrated. Thus the whole body will take a new step each session towards balance and a new feeling of harmony. The intervall of one to three weeks between each session ensures that the client can integrate the changes and to find new, more economic and harmonic patterns in walking, breathing and living.

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