I started working with Michael in 2011 on a recommendation from a friend. It turns out that his skill is perfectly matched with the healing process I am taking myself through my work in Yoga.As a Yoga practitioner and body worker I am keenly aware of what I need moved and how. Without saying it to him, Michael intuitively feels and with his knowledge of his art can affect the changes I need help with in the process of removing the blockages of the body and allowing energy to flow and heal the wounds. He can see what I cannot or do not see for myself and with his gentle guidance I have transformed many areas of my life. He is an angel and a Light Brother that I recommend with heart to anyone interested in personal spiritual and deep healing work. Thank you Michael. (Mithila, student and teacher of the Path of Yoga)

I really like Michael’s approach to healing. I found his treatment included very practical aspects like looking at walking and standing, as well as open to use Shamanic methods and different massage techniques that he has acquired and polished over the years. I definitely felt better immediately after the session and the best part is the results stayed. My condition improved and i had a new and more balanced way to walk. Appreciate having his knowledge and care on available on this earth (Sky, Yogateacher)

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