Who benefits from Rolfing?

  • People who wish to improve their posture and ease of movement.
  • People who want to find release of neck pain or back problems.
  • People who feel chronically tense or have chronic pains.
  • People who have had surgery and feel resulting imbalance.
  • People who are subject to stress and tension, especially at their workspace.
  • Children who need support in their physical or psychological development.
  • Everybody wo feels the urge to change his life and his lifesituations.
  • everybody who looks forward to how it feels to life in balanced and harmonic body filled with life and energy.

A few celebrities that have been Rolfed …. actors Greta Garbo and John Ford, musician Willie Nelson and Sting, tennis-player Ivan Lendl, artist Georgia O’Keefe and Miró.

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