Ida-Yoga & Rolfing

Ida-Yoga & Rolfing-Movement is my result of a discovery journey of over 15 years in professional Body- and Mind-training:

It contains elements of Rolfing-Movement, Yoga (Yoga-Monks), Kung Fu and Tai Chi (Lujan Matus). It is based on modern scientific research regarding fascia and the body-mind connection.

Rolfing-Movement & Ida-Yoga aims to unlock and transform blockages and pain-patterns in the body. If supports the alignment of the body (especially the spine) within gravity and strengthens the unity of the fascial-web.

No isolated muscle-contractions rather training the body as a whole. The exercices are astonishingly simple but yet complex, when it comes to how much awareness we have to put into them, to make them come alive in us. They challenge how and where we direct our awareness. Therefor the usual mind-chatter stops, We become still, silent and, after a while peaceful.

Ida-Yoga challenges us, to get to know our body more intimitaly than ever before and to explore the borders of our blockages. Thus we are ready to grow beyond and become who we truly are.

The daily exercices asks us to explore, be curious and have fun with ourselves. Develop a body-mind discipline and to discover our true Life-force and Life-Joy.

Remember; whatever you do: Only you can make it great !

Depending on your needs Ida-Yoga offers also Meditation,  Pranayama (breathing-exercices) and Shivasana (Relaxation).

The base of each trainingclass will be the analysis of your personal and specific Movement and Breathing-patterns.

Based on the result of that anaylis we will put together one or two exercices that you will maintain as a daily routine with self-love and devotion until you have embodied them.  A regular daily practices for a beginner will be 15 minutes.

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