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  • Michael KallinaHeilpraktiker & Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie; Certified Rolfer; Family Constellations (DGfS)


    Movement is life

    Family-Constellations and Coaching

    Many times the true source of personal or professional difficulties are hidden, unsolved problems with the Parents, or with other members of your family, even over generations away. "Family Constellations" is a very effective and gentle method that brings solution to those hidden entanglements. The result can be a much clearer view and feeling of your life and of your life-situation.

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    "The hidden and dark stories only let us go of us, when we face them and allow them to fade away!"
    Bert Hellinger


    Rolfing, also called "structural Integration", is a holistic bodywork, that has been developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the U.S. in the 1940's. Based on its impressive results this method is a growing movement worldwid. Rolfing is not a treatment that focuses on curing symptoms. The Rolfers aim is that you feel at home and well in your body again, that you regain lost balance and thus walk through life in a much healthier and aware way than before the treatment.

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    I have done Rolfing with Michael and its been a very healing experience for me. I feel much more centered and at home inside my physical body. Thank you Michael for helping me step into my own self.
    (Patrik Stjern, Gothenburg)


    YogaMonks is both, a physical and at the same time, a spritual discipline.
    The gift of these movements is silence:
    move in Meditation & meditate in Movement.

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    Not you do Yoga -Yoga does you.
    (Jonathan Monks, Founder of Yoga-Monks)