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  • Michael KallinaHeilpraktiker & Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie; Certified Rolfer; Family Constellations (DGfS)

    becoming part of the solution

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    Throughout many generations we are connected to our family.
    Our ancestors, especially our parents are the most important imagemakers who define how we see the world.
    They influence on a deep level our view of the world, our way of how we feel, see, think and act.
    Thus they deeply influence the quality of our relationsships, our health and our way of living.
    When we chose to do a family-constellation, we want to find out in what way we are subconsciously linked to our ancestors, especially our parents and other close members of our family.

    Through family-constellation we can bring to the surface tragic connections and misunderstandings within a family.
    We are able to clear unresolved patterns and disfunctional relationsships.
    The workshops on Family-constellations are an invitation to everybody who wants to get to know this wonderful method and who wants to confront deep patterns and conflicts and find a solution.

    I am very grateful and happy, that i decided to take part in a family constellation.
    I was surprised how powerful and clear i could see the dysfunctional patterns that have been causing pain over many generations in my family. I am deeply touched by the solution, that we found.

                                                                                                                                                           (Heike Howein, Erlangen.)

    Family-Constellations provide solution for many different problems:

    -difficulties in families between familymembers
    -difficulties in relationships
    -healthissues, illnesses, addictions, e.g. alcohol or bulemia
    -problems after abortions or adoptions
    -emotional states like unexliplicable sadness, angriness, states of fear and depressions.
    -other problems like lack of money, success, difficulties in the working place, or
    a sense of senselessness in life.

    I am very grateful to you, Mr. Kallina, that you guided my constellation with so much warmth and intuition.
    The powerful images of the solution still me guide me in my everyday life.
    (Matthias B., musician)

    Constellation-workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to explore your problems and issues in a safe and supporting environment.
    They bring mutual respect, peace and acceptance for and within the children, the partner, the parents and the ancestors.
    They support us in letting go of (subconscious) feelings of guilt and shame. They bring great clarity and self-love in our life.

    Thank you sooo much. I have felt everything from deep pain to great release, freedom and clarity.... , thank you!)
    (Bernd, Achen)

    Einzeltermin oder Gruppenseminare ?

    Je nach persönlichem Anliegen klären wir in einem oder mehreren Einzelgespräch(en), welche Vorgehensweise am besten zu einer Lösung führen kann. Kleinere Aufstellungen mit Symbolen oder wenigen Teilnehmern lassen sich auch in aufeinander folgende Einzelgespräche integrieren.

    Umfangreichere Aufstellungen in Seminaren setzen meist eine vorherige Klärung der Fragestellung voraus. In vielen Fällen führt eine Nachbetreuung zu einem befriedigenden Ergebnis. Die Kombination von Einzelstunden mit Aufstellungen ist eine bewährte Methode, mit der wir sehr gute Erfahrungen machen.

    Organisatorisches zu den Aufstellungs-Seminaren


    Call me at 0049 0163 322 03 70 or contact me via email: info@kallina.co.
    I will answer your call as soon as possible.

    warmest regards,

    Dr. jur. Hans-Michael Kallina

    I feel energy shifting in me every day so it was a powerful weekend for me! (H.F. Göteborg)