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  • Michael KallinaHeilpraktiker & Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie; Certified Rolfer; Family Constellations (DGfS)

    Finding balance and health within your body !

    What is Rolfing ?

    The goal of Rolfing Structural Integration is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions. Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holdings trapped in a particular region of the body. I as a Rolfer maintain a holistic view of my client’s entire system during each session, thus ensuring the transformational process evolves in a comfortable and harmonious way. The name “Rolfing” derives from Dr. Ida Rolf, who developed Rolfing Structural Integration in the 1940´s in the U.S.A. She discovered that the body is much more a system of seamless networks of tissues than a collection of separate parts.

    FaQ's on Rolfing

    Thank you so much for the treatment! My breathing feels a lot better, i walk straigther and my neck stopped hurting.
    (Petra W., Öhringen)

    How does Rolfing work ?

    Each human being in its body has to deal with gravity its whole life. It needs it, each cell orients itself in growth and inner balance at gravity. On the other hand energetic trauma like accidents or psychological stress are many times stored away in a body and its cells. The body tries to react on that strain with a posture that tries to get around the traumatized part of the body, thus ensuring that we can go on living despite the trauma. All those incidents bring the body out of alignment, out of the inner balance each body has the potential to.

    I really like Michael’s approach to healing. I found his treatment included very practical aspects like looking at walking and standing. I definitely felt better immediately after the session and the best part is the results stayed. My condition improved and i had a new and more balanced way to walk. Appreciate having his knowledge and care on available on this earth (Sky, Yogateacher)

    Gravity influenes the body

    But once the bodies structure is out of alignment then the force and pressure of gravity worsens the imbalance. Gravity then has a negative influence on the body, which leads to chronic tension, tiredness, headaches or backpain or other health problems. Rolfing helps you to get out of that trap! Find inner balance again! The work and dedication of a rolfer helps the different muscles, tendons, nerves and organs of your body to find unity again. A unity that uses gravity as an elastic power rather than working against it. The process of healing yourself starts.
    Rolfing works on this web-like complex of connective tissues to release, realign and balance the whole body. Essentially, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the lost integrity of its form, thus enhancing postural efficiency and the beauty and freedom of movement. Realign and balance the body !

    Sehr geehrter Herr Kallina, seit ich bei Ihnen in Behandlung bin sind meine Schmerzen in der Lenden- und Halswirbelsäule ganz verschwunden. Herzlichen Dank (Herr L. aus Stuttgart)

    Finding inner balance again

    All functions like breathing or the tonus of your musculature and nervous system can come to normal function again. Discover new patterns of movement! To align the body with gravity then goes beyond the mere absence of pain and tensions. Aligning the body helps you to discover your individual patterns of movement and coordination. In Space and towards the ground. Most of our times we have been unconscious of our movements, how we walk, sit, breath, even how we grasp or grab a glas filled with water. We just learned it from our parents and our early surroundings.

    Rolfing eases internal conflicts between different muscles or psychological preferences. Your Rolfer supports you in finding new, more healthy patterns of movement and improves your internal awareness of your body and external awareness of the space around you. And helps you to bring all this freedom and creativity into your life!

    Thank you so much for the last treamtent - i feel light in my body, with a lot of space in my upper back.
    (Bettina H., Dr. med., Coach)

    How Rolfing is done: the "Ten-series"

    The hallmark for Rolfing is a series of ten sessions that base one on each other. Each session takes ca. 75 minutes. And they will be given in an intervall of one to three weeks between each session. During the session you should wear underwear or a bikini/bathing trunk. The work with the connective, nerve and muscular tissue is the base of each rolfing session. This will be supported by training coordination and perception of the body in space and towards the ground. An important part of each session is the “BodyReading”, an analysis of the whole structure of the body wird. (e. g. we will have a look on the breathing patterns and what prevents the client from walking upright or relax the shoulders). In each session a new part of the body will be explored, worked with and integrated. Thus the whole body will take a new step each session towards balance and a new feeling of harmony. The intervall of one to three weeks between each session ensures that the client can integrate the changes and to find new, more economic and harmonic patterns in walking, breathing and living.

    Thank you Michael, your treatments open doors within me, towards a totally new and better feeling of life.(Bettina G., Yoga-teacher, Stuttgart)