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  • Michael KallinaHeilpraktiker & Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie; Certified Rolfer; Family Constellations (DGfS)

    You dont do Yoga - Yoga does you

    Was ist YogaMonks ?

    YogaMonks is a very unique Yoga-method,
    all exercices are based on the following principles:

    The body moves as one unit
    No isolations and no contractions.
    We move in Meditation & meditate in Movement
    The Result is that we move in stillness.
    Your body gets softer and more stable at the same time.

    YogaMonks aims to unlock and transform blockages and pain-patterns in the body. If supports the alignment of the body (especially the spine) within gravity and strengthens the unity of the fascial-web.

    No isolated muscle-contractions rather training the body as a whole. The exercices are astonishingly simple but yet complex, when it comes to how much awareness we have to put into them, to make them come alive in us. They challenge how and where we direct our awareness. Therefor the usual mind-chatter stops, We become still, silent and, after a while peaceful.

    YogaMonks challenges us, to get to know our body more intimitaly than ever before and to explore the borders of our blockages. Thus we are ready to grow beyond and become who we truly are.

    The daily exercices asks us to explore, be curious and have fun with ourselves. Develop a body-mind discipline and to discover our true Life-force and Life-Joy.

    Remember; whatever you do: Only you can make it great !

    The roots of YogaMonks

    Yoga-Monks has been founded in the year 2001 by the singing and yoga-teacher Jonathan Monks in London. Jonathan has had been a Hatha-Yoga-teacher for many years before he developed this very unique, flowing style of Yoga. You can watch a video with Jonathan here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=col6k4v0vY0

    "Move in stillness; meditate in movement: yoga ist the expansion of consciousness"
    (Jonathan Monks, London)

    How to get a Session in YogaMonks ?

    At the moment i do not offer groups in YogaMonks.
    For private classes please contact me via mobil 0049 163 322 03 70 or per email via info@kallina.co.

    warmest regards,

    Hans-Michael Kallina